Compulsory Purchase, Servitudes & Wayleaves

GM Thomson & Co has over fifty years experience of dealing with compulsory purchase matters. In depth experience of compulsory purchase procedures has been gained on projects such as motorway and highway construction, railway bridgeworks including new railway construction, utility company works including large scale cross country gas pipelines, water pipelines, electricity pylon lines and other electricity cables and telecommunication cables and telecommunication masts.

In the majority of all these cases, all professional fees are met by the promoting company so there is no restriction on clients taking professional advice in respect of any construction proposals for these types of project.

It is generally of great benefit to clients for them to obtain early professional representation. This allows their interests to be fully protected as far as is possible. Frequently early involvement allows particular site specific problems or matters of adverse impact to be identified and solutions to be incorporated into the original project design or as it evolves, rather than attempting to try to find a "fix" for any problems after construction. This pro-active approach helps to provide clients with early resolution of any uncertainty over the likely outcomes from construction works.